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Teaching children the importance of sunscreen early in life will create healthy skincare habits and prevent the possibility of skin cancer, sunburn, pigmentation and early skin aging.  Our sunscreen superhero, SUPER SPF educates families on the importance of sunscreen, how to apply it properly and to wear sun protective clothing.  skinfo® is committed to teaching children that applying sunscreen should be another step in their morning routine, before heading out to the park and reapplying when spending long hours outdoors. skinfo® carries sunscreen for babies, children, teens and adults with formulations for all skin types and sun protective clothing. You can find sunscreen for your active toddler or babe whether he or she is an active swimmer, runner, sports enthusiast or just loves the outdoors. So, be your child's superhero and teach them about sunscreen and sun protective clothing.

Super SPF - cartoon sunscreen hero

Please share this infographic on your own blog or website to educate parents and their children about the importance of sunscreen. When you do, please give credit and link to skinfo.

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