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Stratpharma Stratamed- 10g

Advanced film-forming wound dressing to use immediately after general and cosmetic surgery, laser treaments, trauma, burns, chronic wounds etc. 10g
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Flexible, full contact, non-resorbable, occlusive wound dressing for damaged or compromised skin. Can be applied to superficial wounds, following laser treatments, chemical peels, dermal abrasions, general and cosmetical surgery and 1st and 2nd degree burns. Can be used with or without secondary dressing. Promotes moist wound healing environment for faster healing, burning, discomfort and itching while reducing redness and swelling. 

Usage: Can be used twice daily until healed. Apply thin layer then wait 5-6 minutes to dry. If still not dry after 5-6 minutes it's applied too thick. 

Polysiloxanes, siloxane resin

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