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skinfo® Mineral Makeup

From silky antioxidant rich foundations, to a wide palette of super pigment blushed and eye-shadows in fun colors for each season, you can find a complete makeup routine that not only makes your skin look beautiful but that is good for you skin. Best of all, nearly everything in the skinfo Mineral Makeup line is paraben and irritant-free. After your treatments at Advanced Dermatology, visit skinfo Specialty Skincare Boutique for your complimentary makeover.  You can also experience airbrush mineral makeup spray for all your special occasions.
“After finding out that I’m allergic to certain chemicals found in many beauty products, I went to Skinfo to consult with their experts on skincare products I should be using that’s better for my skin.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Skinfo had started a new line of makeup products and I did not hesitate to try them since they do not contain any harsh ingredients.  The liquid foundation, pressed powder, blush and bronzer gave me a nice, healthy glow and the airbrush makeup felt so light and I looked flawless all day! I also noticed that I did not get any skin flare-ups nor experience any skin irritation.  This is the only makeup I now use and can depend on to get healthy, glowing skin.  Thanks, Skinfo!”
—Therese B.
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