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Clarisonic Skin Cleansing Systems

Clarisonic is an invigorating skincare brush used to cleanse the skin by brushing away and removing dead skin cells. Clarisonic was developed by the main inventor of the revolutionary Sonicare toothbrush. Clarisonic's ultra sonic technology works with the natural give of your skin to provide a gentle daily cleansing. The brush rotates back and forth at a sonic frequency of over 300 oscillations per second, while the outer and inner layers of the brush work together to remove dirt and oil from your pores.

Clarisonic Warranty Instructions: To register for a Clarisonic Warranty, you must register on the Clarisonic website.  Refer to your booklet for instructions. The number to register for your warranty in imprinted on the bottom of the brush handle. If anything goes wrong with your brush Clarisonic will arrange for pick up to repair or replace at no cost (Pro - 3 year warranty, Mia 2 - 2 year warranty, Mia - 1 year warranty).

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