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Vaniply Ointment vs. Aquaphor


The Vaniply Ointment has two main differences from Aquaphor. The first is that Vaniply contains no lanolin alcohol and the second is that there is no petrolatum in the Vaniply Ointment. Instead of being a petrolatum (petroleum jelly) based ointment like Aquaphor, the Vaniply Ointment contains hydrogenated polydecene as its moisturizing base which is a component of mineral oil that is noncomedogenic and won’t clog pores. In addition, most users have found the hydrogenated polydecene to be much more cosmetically elegant in its application than a product containing petroleum jelly. The active ingredient for skin protection in Vaniply is dimethicone. Vaniply ointment can be used on wounds such as sutures, cuts or burns, under hand cream or alone, as a lip treatment and on cuticles. Vaniply Ointment ($10) is available at skinfo and

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On March 27, 2013 YC says:

I LOVE the vaniply ointment! I used it as a night time treatment on my hands because of how dry they were. It especially helped my cuticles. My best friend got severely chapped knuckles this past winter, and she saw an immediate difference when she started using the vaniply ointment.

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