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A new product, even my husband will enjoy?


What better way to cheer us all up on this dreary Monday than to learn about a NEW PRODUCT that is available skinfo?

I’m such a huge believer in skincare that is actually enjoyable to use, because then you’re more likely to use it! Whether it be an amazing smell (hello skinfo Brightening Vitamin C Serum!) or a luxurious texture (I could go swimming in our skinfo Vital Tea Body Balm), who doesn’t want their skincare routine to feel like a treat? So, I am SO excited to introduce you all to the PCA Skin Pigment Bar!

“What’s a pigment bar, Rebecca?” you ask, clearly as excited as I am about this awesome new product (humor me, guys)! Well, it looks like this…

A solid cleanser, in a jar! Wet your sponge, swirl it around in there to create a silky lather, then cleanse your little heart out! Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? Melasma? Acne prone? This little guy is your new best friend! Kojic, azaelic, and tannic acids gently exfoliate and brighten, while aloe vera, rosewood oil, and niacinamide soothe and reduce inflammation. Sensitive skin types can cleanse with the pigment bar 3-4 times a week, while those who are not as sensitive can leave on the lather for 2-3 minutes to use as a mask. The PCA pigment bar is also perfect for men and teenagers, since the unique delivery system gives them something to enjoy in their skincare routine and the utilitarian packaging won’t offend any masculine sensibilities (I’m joking, but you know… I’m kind of right).

So now for the important question: will this fun little bar finally get my husband to wash his face with something other than shampoo? A girl can dream!

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